Staff Meeting Notes Paper


A staff meeting is part of the teacher’s job… whether we like it or not. Keep everything straight coming out of a teacher staff meeting with these staff meeting notes papers.

Take notes on what is important to you, things to take action on and you’ll be doing so in style.

Staff Meeting Notes Paper

These staff meeting notes paper co-ordinate with the colorful teacher binder planning calendar. It comes with a fresh cover sheet that you can use as a cover or a divider cover.

Staff Meeting Notes Paper

There are different colored headers where you can add the date to keep track of each meeting.

Staff Meeting Notes Paper

You can take notes on a full blank sheet with lots of room to write.

If you’re like me – I doodled a lot during a staff meeting and I also like space when I’m taking notes.

I don’t really like to be boxed in. But that’s just me.

Staff Meeting Notes Paper

Or you can opt to have lines on half of the page. Both types are included in this instant download so you can have your pick!

Print off as many as you might need for the school year. Hole punch and place them into a folder or binder so that when you’re headed to a meeting you’re set to go.

Tip: Be sure to have a folder or binder with a pocket to stash papers from the meeting you need to keep.

I have also included ‘grade level meeting’ header pages just to help keep things straight.

And ‘meeting’ notes pages for that meeting that doesn’t fit under the umbrella of the other two titles.

And you can totally input anything from your staff meeting directly into your planning calendar or your to-do list that color coordinates so you don’t miss a beat.

Okay, but let’s be honest… we all miss a beat sometimes.

So, if you’ve ever been like me and felt this way about staff meetings…


then you’ll appreciate being prepped and ready for your next one like no other. {ha!}

Go and purchase the Staff Meeting Notes Paper. It’s an instant download so there’s no waiting!

And if you haven’t already downloaded your free matching to-do list, you can grab that too.

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