Classroom Decor with Duct Tape


When I decided to go with a color scheme instead of a classroom theme, I started keeping my eyes out for my new, favorite colors everywhere.

Well, what happened is that I found my exact shades in the form of duct tape.

When I first purchased the duct tape, it was for the purpose of creating lines on our multi-purpose magnetic board… because ribbon and I don’t always get along.

KindergartenWorks: brightly colored and adhesive {classroom decor with duct tape}

{Really, we have a history}

I first found the turquoise and purple. Then I happened to find the bright green (almost yellow) and pink.

That’s where it started, but that isn’t where it ended.

I wanted to call this post “just call me the duct tape queen.”

Here is how far those 4 rolls of duct tape took me as I finished off decorating my classroom.

KindergartenWorks: brightly colored and adhesive {classroom decor with duct tape}

Yes, this is a door frame covered in duct tape.

The brown paint was peeling and I wanted to cover the door that had sticky residue all over it with some type of functional display space.

The neutral brown paper is the same that I covered all of my bulletin boards with and makes this door feel as if it’s just another bulletin board.

I love it and don’t care how much trouble it may cause when I choose to take it down!

I outlined each of my bulletin boards with duct tape and I love them all! Never thought I’d be so partial to a plain colored border, but it really suits my style!

KindergartenWorks: brightly colored and adhesive {classroom decor with duct tape}

Here’s my note about the quality of duct tape:

The green and pink are a fantastic color, but they were the non-brand name kind and definitely lacked the stickiness they needed to stay up all year. (The real duct tape brand works great).

However, I was able to use it and add a couple of staples to help it be reinforced (when applying to just paper and wall). By having to reinforce it, it limited where I used it, but I still love it the overall look of the colors combined.

KindergartenWorks: brightly colored and adhesive {classroom decor with duct tape}

And then I just kept on going.

I covered these crate seat lids that my father made me years ago.

They were starting to look a little rough and the duct tape made them look new.

KindergartenWorks: brightly colored and adhesive {classroom decor with duct tape}

When you walk into our classroom, we had a rolling cart tote box that we used to collect and return library books.

I covered it to match our color scheme.

KindergartenWorks: brightly colored and adhesive {classroom decor with duct tape}

It is highly visible once you enter our room, and now it fits in… instead of standing out like a sore thumb.

The last place it showed up was right outside my door to hold up our welcome banner.

So… that’s my duct tape story and I’m sticking to it!

Am I a little crazy? Maybe – but it worked for me.

What’s something outside of the box you’ve done to decorate your classroom?

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  1. I used different colors of duct tape this year to accent the inside of a striped border around all of my bulletin boards.

    Donna W.

  2. Ok..I LOVE the duct tape idea and I can’t wait to follow your lead! My room is already trimmed in purple so I can’t see myself covering the door frame, but the bulletin boards? I love that idea! I think I I’m in love with the brown paper too.. no one ever wants that paper so there is always a lot of it available on our rolls. Perfect.

    Side note…your Guided Math was a big discussion point at our back to school PD today. I would expect sales might be going up….

    1. What fun to read your thoughts today! Is your school making a transition into using a guided math format to differentiate? I’d love to talk about it at our school PD days! The brown paper truly is one of my favorite things… simple and a perfect backdrop! Thanks for sharing with me!

  3. I used the ‘safari’ patterned duct tape in my room to define our circle time area. Unfortunately, my school does not provide the funds to buy one of the big educational rugs. The students sit on the floor in what I decided to call our “learning square.” It’s actually a rectangle, but I thought learning square had a better ring to it!

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