4 Free First Day of School Printables: Necklaces, Hats, Certificates, and Bracelets


Get ready for the first day of school with a free first day of school printable. Here are four free first day of school printables to choose from for elementary teachers.

We can all relate to the craziness that is known as the beginning of the year. Especially in kindergarten.

Am I right?

Well, the back to school season really is one of my favorite topics to write about – because what we do at the beginning of the year matters.

4 Adorable First Day of School Printable Freebies

I believe that if we start out the year smart, then we’ll have a much smoother year in the long run. Truly.

As you are preparing for the first days of kindergarten I hope this new set of free first day of school printables can come in handy.

First day of school printables

Let me tell you about them and link to each one so you can get your hands on them.

I made them available on my site TeachJunkie.com which is for all primary grade level teachers (because we just keep it kindergarten here on KindergartenWorks).

There are first day of school free printables for kindergarten, pre-k, tk {I didn’t forget about you!} and first grade.

Free first day of school printables for kindergarten pre-k tk first grade

Though, if you teach another grade level – I’ve still got your back. Each of the printables also includes the general wording for “first day of school” in place of a grade level – so you can use them too.

What did I create for you?

Let me start by sharing my favorite – though it was really hard to play favorites {wink}

First day of school necklaces

These first day of school necklaces that are uber cute. I just love that they are different than your typical first day stickers or awards.

First day of school necklaces for free

There are 15 different options that I’ve included so that you can pick the saying and grade level you want.

For example, you can pick the “I rocked the first day of school” necklace and print out an entire class set.

Free first day of school necklaces

These necklaces are partially editable. You can type in your name and the first day of school starting date before you print out your class set.

And you’ll love that you can make them ahead of time without investing too much time or your students can color them to take home.

First day of school headband crown hats

Having something to wear is a fun alternative to sending home papers at the beginning of the school year.

Free first day of school headbands crowns for kindergarten

Kinders will love to wear their first day of school headband crowns. These are ready to print in black and white or grayscale.

That way you can pick whether you want your students to color their headbands or just print them on bright paper to be assembled.

First day of school headbands crowns for free

Either way it’s a win and they will look awesome.

First day of school certificates

Sending home a certificate has kinda become a classic thing for the first day of school.

It’s a bit like reassuring parents and kinders that surviving the day went well and that we can do it again tomorrow… at least that’s how I view it.

First editable day of school certificates for kindergarten

I made these first day of school certificates to be editable so you can quickly churn them out for an entire class.

These top my list as the easiest to prepare because there is pretty much no cutting involved.

Printable First day of school certificates for free

Plus, they look official. Well, kinda official. But really cute.

First day of school bracelets

This quick first day of school printable is perfect to pair with any of the other first day free printables.

Free first day of school printable bracelets

Your students can wear bracelets to celebrate that they made it through day one.

I can see kinders loving to wear something home like these bracelets and sending home a certificate more as the “momento” type of item. Can’t you?

First day of school printable bracelets for free

There are three options for each grade level for these back to school bracelets so I hope you can find one you love.

Let’s wrap it up

There you have four free printables for the first day of school. If you use them, I’d love to see pictures from your first day on facebook. Do share!

Now – let’s prepare for starting school smartly. Here are 10 things to know for the beginning of kindergarten.

If you like what I do here on KindergartenWorks, then be sure to subscribe today. I look forward to sharing ideas with you weekly.

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