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In kindergarten, we celebrate the end of the school year by counting down the days together using the alphabet. Here is a fun classroom photo idea to show off the bright future of your students at the end of the year. We give each of the last 26 days of school a letter of the alphabet… and I try to get creative and think of something to do each day to match said letter.

It’s a nice and fun way to wind down the year without taking too much instructional time. What do we do for each day? Well, more on that later but here is one idea that you could do with your class. Really, you could do this any time in the year!

end of the year class photo idea - bright future by KindergartenWorks

“Our future is so bright we have to wear shades!”

This end of the year class photo was taken on “s” day. We were allowed to wear sunglasses all day that day and these are the students who participated by bringing in a pair. I wish you could see both their glasses and expressions at the same time – precious and hilarious. We did a real serious face and they l.o.v.e.d it! Our families loved it too.

Want to make one? I’ll teach you how!

end of the year class photo idea - bright future by KindergartenWorks

Free End of Year Photo Overlay

So how can you re-create this with your class?

  1. Take a horizontal photo of them wearing sunglasses and open it in Microsoft PowerPoint.
  2. Re-size the photo to fit the entire page {make sure the page is horizontal/lanscape}
  3. Download the caption overlay by clicking {here} and open it in PowerPoint too. If you open it after you’ve already placed your photo, it’ll show up on top of your picture. Re-size as needed.
  4. Save and print!

Another way to do it:

  1. Take a horizontal photo of them wearing sunglasses and open it with picmonkey.com
  2. Click the “Overlay” tab on the far left side of the panel (the butterfly).
  3. Click “Your Own” at the top of the list of overlays.
  4. A box will pop up that allows you to select from the files on your computer. Select your downloaded overlay.
  5. Rearrange, save and print!

Oh yeah, so before I forget… you wanted to know about what else we do for our alphabet countdown. I got my inspiration from this list of 26 Fun and Memorable End of School Year Celebration Ideas. But I make each day simple where the students bring in an item or if it’s super inexpensive, I bring it… or we do a specific activity.

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