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Check out these latest posts on teaching kindergarten in fun ways that are fun, age-appropriate and make learning the cool thing to do.

kindergarten word work manipulative ideas - KindergartenWorks
Kindergarten Teaching Ideas

3 Hands-On Kindergarten Word Work Ideas

Accomplish kindergarten word work Common Core standards with manipulative learning. Playdough, magnets, and dry erase markers give kindergarten students the repeated practice they need to get proficient at segmenting, blending

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kindergarten puzzle literacy center - KindergartenWorks
Kindergarten Teaching Ideas

Kindergarten Puzzle Literacy Center

Visual discrimination is huge for young developing and emergent readers! One of the literacy centers I first developed was our puzzle center. It does feature puzzles of all varieties: floor,

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why does 10+6=16? - KindergartenWorks
Guided Math

Why does 10+6=16?

This year I have been using small group math instruction to guide my kinders. I’ve shared how its laid out and even a sample lesson called: Composing & Decomposing: A

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