What I Recommend for Back to School

Wondering where to begin in your back to school shopping?

Here are my top 7 recommendations for KindergartenWorks products {outside of the freebies that we so dearly love} that will help you start off your year.

These are items I created for personal use within my classroom and used for years before ever sharing them with you my dear readers.

So they have been kid-tested, teacher approved.

top 7 back to school products from KindergartenWorks - Daily Folder Labels

1. Daily Folder Labels – Setting up my classroom to run smoothly is something I put soooo much time and effort into at the beginning of the school year. I don’t play around with teaching procedures and routines – because they pay off in the long run of our 180 day marathon – and I like to work smart! Teaching students how to use their daily folders is key to our first two weeks of school and these kinder {and parent} friendly labels help me do just that teaching them responsibility!

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top 7 back to school products from KindergartenWorks - Sing to Learn Sight Words

2. Sing to Learn Sight Words – Teaching sight words begins on week three in my classroom. (Weeks one and two are their first names {wink}) I keep these songs close at hand in my binder and I love how easy they make teaching sight words. These are close to my teaching heart since I wrote all of the diddies myself and I use them all the time. It’s so much easier to capture young kinder attention (and build retention) through song when their attention spans resemble that of a goldfish. {and I say that lovingly}

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top 7 back to school products from KindergartenWorks - Who Took the Cookie Unit

3. Who Took the Cookie Unit – I like to teach my first week using a theme so things flow together and they can begin to develop background for bigger concepts in the year. This unit has helped me get many years off to a great start. It focuses on students learning to read their first names, teaching names for all students to learn their classmates names {how tough is that for some of them?!} and for reading each others names (for those that are ready). It takes a balanced literacy approach which just means it includes read aloud ideas, interactive writing, independent writing, shared reading and more!

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top 7 back to school products from KindergartenWorks - Playdough Number Mats

4. Playdough Number Mats – When it comes to learning numbers and forming numerals, I try to release practice as early as possible to my kiddos for lots of fine motor work. Instead of worksheets or even in place of using a writing utensil we bring out the playdough! These mats connect with the next product on this list since they reinforce the concept of a ten frame at the same time.

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top 7 back to school products from KindergartenWorks - Monster Numbers

5. Monster Numbers – This is by far one of my favorite back to school tools that I use to teach 1:1, numeral recognition/formation and to introduce the concept of a ten frame. I use it for at least the first 3 weeks of school. *Confession: These monsters also get blamed for anything that doesn’t go according to plan also those first three weeks. It’s great to say {when I forgot to have that read aloud already sitting ready to go} “Those little monster numbers must’ve moved it!” and they totally buy into it.

Check out the video I made to match! It’s long but you can only show the parts you want to hit with your kiddos.

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top 7 back to school products from KindergartenWorks - Sorting Puzzles and Bingo

6. Sorting Puzzles and Bingo – When it comes to beginning math, sorting and organizing is on the list! When I’m rolling out my guided math group setup, tools like these are how I make activities work for my small groups. Instead of just having students sort objects multiple ways (or with multiple kinds of objects because I do that too) have them stretch their thinking by looking at how things have been sorted and categorize them. Oh yeah, and if you’re in need of a catchy tune to reinforce the term sorting, I’ve got you covered in this freebie Sing to Learn Audios.

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top 7 back to school products from KindergartenWorks - Playdough Word Work Pack Literacy Center

7. Playdough Word Work Pack (Literacy Center) – This is my CLASSIC KindergartenWorks product. It speaks to who I am as a teacher and how I believe that students can learn best. Since I’m recommending it for the beginning of the school year, can’t you tell we use playdough a lot in my classroom? It hits beginning literacy skills like forming letters, using the order of the alphabet, beginning sounds and cvc words. It covers us for at least half a year before I bring out our playdough extension set of work mats.

Purchase Playdough Word Work Pack Literacy Center

And thank you for saying such kind things about what I do here on KindergartenWorks. You guys, my dear readers make this so much fun!

I just wanted to stop by and say, I am going into my first year teaching. I have read many blogs, but mostly I have found “cutesy” blogs. While they are neat, I am not very artistic, and it works out that my principal only likes earth tone decorations. Anyway, your blog has been the most helpful blog I have found about kindergarten thus far!!! Thank you so much for your posts. I am hoping to implement many of your wise words. Keep up the amazing work you are doing and know your sincerity to being an effective teacher is highly appreciated!

You have amazing ideas. I’ve been teaching for 38 years and can’t wait to use some of your ideas in my class. I’m always looking for new ideas. If I’m not excited about what I teach, how can I expect the children to be excited!

On a side note, some of my teachers friends and I were chatting about you the other day and how dedicated you are to the profession! You do us proud! You work so hard to constantly better yourself and in doing so push many of us out here in the field to push ourselves! You are truly an inspiration. Not sure when you sleep! But you are a true professional!

Hi there. I just wanted to tell you that I purchased the pirate pack and I LOVE it. I have all of your freebies but this was my first purchase and I am a forever customer for sure.

Not what you’re looking for? Then here are additional product ideas for back to school:

Those are my top items to help you focus on curriculum and starting early with teaching the standards! If you like what I do here on KindergartenWorks, then be sure to subscribe today. I look forward to sharing ideas with you weekly.

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