responsibility in a bucket {kind of}


Things end up on the floor.


Every day.

It’s a fact of life when you’re doing learning all day long with lots of little bodies and different personalities, learning styles and levels of responsibility.

So, what’s a teacher to do with all of those floor-found things?

How about NOTHING?

That’s right. I highly recommend putting a system into place that your kinders can use by themselves to get what they need and turn in things that are found. That way you can focus more mental energy on the things that matter, like those little people. Not their crayons.

No matter if you do community supplies or individual pencil boxes, having clearly marked places to put things that your kinders find on the floor will come in handy! Model, teach and praise to get the ball rolling on utilizing the system and then let it work for you! I keep extra staples and a new roll of tape all in the same place that kinders put lost things so our stapler helper has easy access and can train the next helper (all in the polka dot box).

And our rule is… if you need a {insert object}… check the lost bin!

These buckets came from the dollar section of Target. {score!} We use a similar style for our extra supplies stored up in the cupboards and for our lost math materials too.


Are you a fan of putting responsibility for classroom care onto your kinders too?

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