2 free teacher fonts and a ten frame font


Teachers create stuff to use in their classrooms ALL THE TIME! Why do we do this year after year? Is it an incessant drive to reinvent the proverbial wheel? Is it a love of spending time on the computer? I think not. I think often we find new, creative ways to reach our kinders and have the drive to improve or refine or design to meet the needs of our charges. I’ve created a ridiculous amount of things over my going on nine years of teaching, and I’m still creating things all the time.

I know I can’t be alone in this.

So, to help make my own work lighter and hopefully yours, I’ve been scribbling away to create teacher fonts! The first is a kinder-friendly font that models a Zaner-Bloser style of printing and includes all characters. This one is my own handwriting (okay, the super nice handwriting I use in front of my kids…. not my normal planning one) hence the name, “Leslie’s Hand.” It’s free so grab it if you’d like to try it!

2 free teacher fonts and a ten frame font - KindergartenWorks

Leslie’s Hand Teacher Font | TpT

I was touched when another teacher showed me a newsletter she created using this font at an inservice this week – so neat to see what I create being used by others!

The second is one that I hope will help my kinders who need visual prompts when handwriting or forming letters. I use dots much like the Handwriting Without Tears program does, and now it’s automated for me! I can see students tracing inside these letters, rainbow writing, etc.

2 free teacher fonts and a ten frame font - KindergartenWorks

We are currently working on:

  • K.L.1.a-1. Print at least 50% of uppercase letters.
  • K.L.1.a-2. Print at least 50% of lowercase letters.
2 free teacher fonts and a ten frame font - KindergartenWorks

And so I hope this font can assist in anything we make to practice! Plus lots of using paint bags (thanks favorite teacher down the hall), whiteboards and wikki stix to make it kinesthetic. Say what? This one is free too!

And the last (more to come, so be sure to be a fan or follower of the shop to get updates of when these products are released) is a paid, but fully worth it product if you like creating your own materials. Since ten frames can be such a useful tool to helping students “see” numbers and eventually with place value and composing and decomposing numbers… you get the point, right? Then I figured it might save a lot of time to have ten frames be a font so we can type a ten frame instead of draw it each time.

2 free teacher fonts and a ten frame font - KindergartenWorks

This one includes a cheat sheet so you can see where each number is located and includes 0-10, and numbers in groups of ten to 90.

2 free teacher fonts and a ten frame font - KindergartenWorks

It includes numerals 0-10 and numbers in a scattered arrangement to help when practicing those teens and figuring out how many ones are left over.

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