2014-2015 printable calendar for teacher planning


How to lesson plan starts with having the big picture. I use this printable calendar as my starting place every year when I want to sketch out my year. It may be obvious {or maybe not} but you’ve got to know where you want to go in order to find out how you want to get there. This is my number one tip for teacher planning.

My calendar template is simple. Since I use a binder to hold my lesson plan templates, I want a calendar that fits in it and has plenty of room to write. I use this two-page format in order for it to lay flat and for me to see my month at a glance.

Teacher Planning

2014-2015 printable calendar for teacher planning - KindergartenWorks

Tip! Two page format so it lays flat in a binder.

This format works for me so as I’m planning I can work my way from the big picture of year long goals down to our 9 week quarters down to a month and right down to individual weeks. For example, I know that I have x number of sight words that I want to teach. I break my list down by quarter, then by month and week. Having weekly-bite sized pieces of my core instruction planned out before the school year begins makes planning my week simplified once that week rolls around.

2014-2015 printable calendar for teacher planning - KindergartenWorks

Tip! Break down main pieces to make planning simplified.

You can do this with themes, favorite stories, writing, anything. Plus, this structure allows me flexibility to change pacing to meet my students’ needs. We all know that due dates, events and meetings are important to a teacher’s calendar. This is my secret weapon on always being prepared and being organized. When I hear of an event or due date (or if I set one for example for Scholastic books orders) then I can also write in the dates I want to have it done for myself (or to send out parent reminders).

2014-2015 printable calendar for teacher planning - KindergartenWorks

Tip! Add in due dates and reminders.

Since it’s in my binder I can easily flip to it each week as I am lesson planning to be sure that I am always working a step ahead and have things written down that are coming up as reminders or that go on my to-do task list.

Printable Calendar

I created my original using my design program and can cut and paste parts I want to keep for the following year. This year I am sharing it again with you for free in pdf form. This printable calendar version is great for printing and adding to your binder.

2014-2015 printable calendar for teacher planning - KindergartenWorks

Free Teacher Planning Calendar

You can easily jot down notes to yourself. If you don’t want to handwrite everything you can always print your items onto small sticky notes or labels and then stick them into your calendar. This is what I did when I first took the free calendar given to our district and ripped it apart to fit into my binder. I like printed fonts much more than my own handwriting. {much more}

Editable Calendar

This year I’ve also taken the template and placed it as the background in a PowerPoint file. You can’t type “into” it, but you can type on top of it. This means that you copy and paste text boxes where you want them and make it your own. You can also insert clipart on top of it if you like a little fun in yours. This file is a paid version.

2014-2015 printable calendar for teacher planning - KindergartenWorks

Editable Teacher Planning Calendar

Note: I did not place text boxes in every date space. If you wanted to change the font, size or didn’t want to type in every box, then you’d have waaaay too much work deleting a gazillion boxes or formatting them. I designed this so that way you could edit one to be the font and text size you want so you can copy and paste and work smart that way – just with the number of boxes you need. Its my assumption that if you want an editable file, you’d want to work smart too.

Here’s a video tip on how to modify then copy and paste text boxes if you’re interested but not familiar with copying and pasting text boxes on PowerPoint.

I hope you can use some of these ideas and the free calendar template to make your planning simplified or organized. I look forward to sharing ideas with you weekly just like this one. What tips do you have for teacher organization?

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  • Sherry Stelzer Stephens

    Love your binder idea. Thanks for sharing the calendar. I had tried similar methods using smaller calendars, but this is much better and portable, too!

    • http://www.kindergartenworks.com Leslie @KindergartenWorks

      Thanks Sherry – glad to hear you think it will work better for you. Portable is key 😉
      – Leslie

  • Britney H.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I seriously love this calendar! I have been putting together a binder for this year to include all the information I need for PLC’s, student info, etc. and this calendar just made it complete!

    • http://www.kindergartenworks.com Leslie @KindergartenWorks

      Awesome to hear Britney. You’re very welcome. Glad that this will help put the finishing touches on completing your binder.

  • Nicole

    I just stumbled across this calander and I am so excited to have found it! Thank you so much, I already feel more organized

    • http://www.kindergartenworks.com Leslie @KindergartenWorks

      Welcome Nicole. Enjoy the organization high 😉
      – Leslie

  • Sara

    Love love love it!!! Thank you so much:)

    • http://www.kindergartenworks.com Leslie @KindergartenWorks

      Thanks and you’re welcome Sara!
      – Leslie

  • Michele Salmins

    Thanks Sara for making your calendar free–I used it last year and it is AWESOME!

    • http://www.kindergartenworks.com Leslie @KindergartenWorks

      Glad you like it!

  • Emily

    Thank you for sharing! I’m a 6th grade math teacher, and my major goal this year is to truly get organized. This is a big first step :)

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